Best Electric Shaver Design from the Future


The best electric shaver design from the future is the Remington Your Way XR1340 HyperFlex Rotary Shaver – Tech Edition. This rotary-style electric cordless shaver has a sleek black design, with high tech blue design features that you likely won’t have seen on other shavers. Limited Edition shavers don’t come around that often. It’s your chance to get the Your Way shaver for a great price. If you keep on top of the best electric shaver trends, you’ll want to make room in your bathroom for the Remington Your Way shaver. The Your Way is designed with a HyperFlex design, so it allows the entire head to move with your face. It will adjust to any angle, and reduce irritation. The ActiveContour XL features linked cutters that enable the shaver to stay in close contact with the skin on your face and neck. The shaver has three PrecisionPlus heads that have slots and holes for the hair to catch into, to be shaved off. These heads will capture both long and short hairs, ensuring that your face is smooth each shave. Each rotary has titanium TwinTrack blades allowing for maximum skin contact. These blades will work a long time. The Remington Your Way is designed to be used wet or dry. It’ll still provide a great shave while dry. You can bring it into the shower with your, or use it over the sink. Shaving gels and foams can also be used with the My Way. The My Way comes with a charging stand, and it can be folded up when not in use, or for convenient traveling or storage. The Your Way shaver can be charged to last for a full sixty minutes of shaving time. That’s enough for a week or more of shaving. It’s powered with a lithium battery. The LED charge/battery indicator will indicate how much charge you have left, and whether you need to charge it up immediately. You may have noticed that many shavers are noisy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ultra quiet motor of the Your Way. It will efficiently provide power, but still be in a compact design that’s easy to grip. At the back of the shaver is a convenient pop-up ComfortTrim trimmer, to get to those hard to reach places around mustache, beard, and side burns. The Your Way comes with a decent zippered travel bag to protect the shaver in transit, as well as a free three month subscription to the Next Issue App, allowing access to over 140 top magazines. You’ll be pleased with the Remington My Way which probably one of the best electric shaver. You can both have a limited edition product and one that provides a clean, smooth shave, in the same shaver unit. At around $130, you’ll be pleased with how great of a shave you’ll get for a shaver that is affordably priced. The My Way is sure to sell out soon, so be sure to get yours today.